Our Story

I’ve always been a great swimmer, so it was no surprise I was the first to the egg

When I was young, my family went over to my Zia’s (Aunt) home for dinner. They lived on a large property that contained an amazing garden, many fruit trees and chickens. My Zia cooked an amazing chicken dinner for us that evening.

I had spent a great deal of time playing with the little chicks before dinner. While I had not watched my Zio (Uncle) get the chicken ready, I was aware of where it came from. When it was time to leave, I asked if I could say goodbye to the chicks and off I went. I then said my goodbyes to my Zia and Zio and got in the car.

As the car backed out of the long driveway, my parents were suddenly curious of the peeping sounds coming from the back seat. I also started looking around as to not tip them off on where the sounds were coming from. My dad stopped the car and asked, “Is there anything you would like to say?”. “No” I replied. Then mom asked, “Where is it”? I replied, “What”? I felt from my 4 years of experience on this planet that denial was the best form of defense in protecting this chick from these hungry wolves. We soon returned the chick to its family, and I left with mine, but the seeds of helping others was planted deep in my psyche.

Skip ahead many years…

I became a graphic artist and web designer working for a variety of different companies; health care education, magazine for Harley enthusiasts and for a boutique branding company. So, for years I’ve helped others tell their story and share their message. Their stories ended up with an element of my story intertwined. Recently it has become important to me to share my story. I do not know if it is an age thing, but as I get older self acceptance, self-expression and giving back have become the most important things to me, other than those I love.

This plays out through Digital Crayons by educating people on the importance of self expression and acceptance. Helping people be successful with their fund-raising or events of things that are important to them. Giving to different charities and organizations.

As I am working these things for Digital Crayons, I ask myself, if I do this will it make the world a better place for my kids.