It was getting late in the evening and I had my headphones on listening to music. I was playing a large playlist (Daddy’s Groove Thing - 490 songs) and a song came on that I love but haven’t heard in a while. A lyric in a song suddenly created an exceptionally large rabbit hole in my brain. And me, being the person that I am, put on my speedo, grabbed my snorkel, and dove in headfirst. The song was about birthrights and connectivity. Actually, the song was about how Canada and the United States treated indigenous people (spoiler alert, we didn’t get a A+) but that’s another post.

That line got me thinking about the world today, COVID and how this pandemic has illuminated the fact that we are all very connected and that we still need each other. We may not see all those connections on a daily basis. I think we forget about things like; all the people that had a hand in putting some food on our tables or all those people that make our world safe, it’s more than firefighters and police. When there is a break in the system it’s easy to see what we all take for granted.

I think with technology, we all think we are connecting but for me I find I feel less connected. Social media is great for seeing what is going on in people’s lives, but I rarely chat with them. I am more like your friendly neighbourhood peeping Tom.

I do not believe I am the only one that feels a little disconnected from the world right now. I do believe we will get through this much quicker if we did come together, distantly, of course. You knew what I meant.

So, I created a little reminder for myself, I hope you enjoy. BIRTHRIGHT

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